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Top 10 websites for learning languages for free

Top 10 websites for learning a language for free
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Learning languages for free can be challenging. Here are the most popular websites where you can start learning a new language today! It’s free and fun!

Most of them have cell phone apps too.



On Memrise you can use a created list of words and practice or even create your own list.


Duolingo offers more than 40 courses in 23 languages, written exercises, and dictations.  It’s a great tool to get started.



Write your sentences in the language you are practicing and a native speaker will correct you. It’s like having a teacher for free.




Read a text when you see unknown words, click on it and you’ll see the translation. Also, you have an audio file for checking your pronunciation.  It isn’t fully free, but you can use it for a good amount of time.


Get a list with the best resources for learning languages like English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and others.

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Cool videos for making your studying process more fun. The videos are based real life situations, not just a course which teaches you things that you won’t ever use.



A modern platform that will develop your conversational skills and help you speak faster.



Offers courses in many popular languages, 22.5 hours of Busuu Premium is equal to one semester of learning languages in the university.

Digital Dialects

A great website for learning languages for free with simple games, this platform makes the learning process so fun & fast.


This website has many courses and audio files that will lead you to the next level of your speaking and writing skills.  You will find the FSI, DLI and Peace-Corps courses there.


My Language Exchange

My Language Exchange is a great platform for learning languages fast. You can meet native speakers, share your experience and make friends around the world.

Top 10 websites for learning a language
Top 10 websites for learning a language

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