How To Motivate Yourself To Learn A New Language

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If you want to obtain anything in your life you must know why you need it. Identify the real reason behind your goal and it will be easier to achieve.

For example, you want to learn Spanish, ask yourself why!  But you need to be honest with yourself, there is no need to lie.  Ask WHY five times.

I want to learn Spanish!


I need it for the exam. I need it for traveling. I need it because I want to be cool.


I want a great mark …

And so on.

Apply this to all of your dreams, desires, and goals. Know why you want it.

Somewhere along the road, it is possible that you will lose motivation. I have 10 tips to help you stay motivated until you reach your goal.

1. Stick with the method you like the most

When you are lazy to open up your notebook or an app for learning a language- try something different. Maybe you like movies, TV shows or books. Watch or read in the language that you are learning.

2. Set smaller goals

The main goal is ”Learn Chinese”

So set smaller goals like ”I’ll know 100 hieroglyphs by next week” or ”I’ll know 100 new words by next week”.

Language Planner

3. Learn systematically

Is very important to dedicate even 15 minutes to the language you are learning. If you learn systematically you see results, so that will make you keep going. Make the learning process part of your daily routine and you will stick with it.

4. Watch, speak or meet a polyglot

I’ve watched a few videos where Steve Kaufmann was sharing his experiences, it motivated me so much, I wanted to know as many languages as he knows.  So check these channels out when you feel unmotivated.

Steve Kaufmann

Benny Lewis

Luca Lampariello

Olly Richards

Timothy Doner


Richard Simcott

Moses McCormick

Lindsay Williams

Conor Clyne

Meet John Boudewijn and Shivdev Dogra, they are polyglots that live a normal life just like we do.

5. Leave textbooks around your place

Leave textbooks and notebooks that you use for learning the target language around your place. By doing this you remind yourself that you have to study and if you don’t study you feel guilty seeing those books.

6. Keep it tidy

Keep your house and workplace clean and tidy, which helps your brain concentrate better and be more productive. If you have a tidy workplace it motivates you to study. Also, it’s important to have an organized and systematized copybook.  It should be easy to memorize and find things in your copybook. Pick one that inspires you, that you like and that will make the learning process more enjoyable overall. Here are a few pretty notebooks!

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Language Planner

Language Planner

7. Find like-minded people

Motivation to learn can also come from a person who is doing the same thing. It can be a friend of yours, a classmate or you can find someone from a different continent.

You can use these websites:


My Language Exchange


Easy Language Exchange


You can also chat online for free with our AI Language Chatbot to practice any language you want, at any time!

Practice Any Language Online

8. Put some money into it

Nowadays we have an amazing number of free resources for learning languages but some of us can’t stick with them. Many people get bored along the way and quit. If you spend some money on a course then you will feel guilty if you don’t go or don’t use it.


9. Listen to music

If you get bored of the course or the textbook- put them away and turn the music on. Anyway, you practice the language by training your ear.

And finally,

10. Reward yourself

After completing that smaller goal- reward yourself. You teach your brain that you get paid after your work hard. You can reward yourself with chocolate or with some movie tickets, it all depends on what you like.

Have fun!

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How To Motivate Yourself To Learn A New Language
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