Learn Spanish Step-by-Step

Learn SpanishStep-by-Step
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We all get enthusiastic and motivated when we have just started learning a new language, we learn the greetings and then we are stuck, we don’t know what the next step is. Here you can find a step-by-step guide that will lead you through your learning process and help you get out of your beginner phase!

So how do we learn Spanish?

The first thing you need to remember is PRACTICE EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS!

Learn Basics Spanish Vocabulary

Yeah, we all start with basic things, learn something easy and practical like greetings, numbers, colors and day of the week.

Rocket Languages

Learn Spanish in 5 days 

I really recommend that you watch these videos and learn the basic vocabulary but don’t get overwhelmed by watching all of them in one day. Let your mind process these words and actually learn them. I would recommend you watching one video in three days. During that period practice those words you have just learned. Make up sentences that relate to your life with each one of them.

For memorizing and practicing those words use:


Digital Dialects

Lingo Hut


Learn Question Words

Learn how to ask questions in Spanish, that is a very important step in a language learning process.

Spanish Interrogatives

Spanish lesson: Question Words

For more resources check my other post about Spanish.

Question words Spanish
Question words Spanish
Learn Basic Grammar

Grammar isn’t so hard to learn you just need to practice it. These two websites will guide you through the basic grammar. Learn articles, genders, plural forms, and adjectives.

Spanish Grammar Guide

You need to pay in order to practice more exercises on their site, you can do just a few exercises for free.

You need to practice everything you learn otherwise you’ll forget it, here are the best grammar exercise sites. As I said connect everything to your life and make up sentences.

Here you can find more Spanish grammar exercises:

Personal Colby



Todo Claro

Learn Spanish Feel Good

Living Spanish


Learn Verbs

The fourth step is learning verbs, not just present but past and future form as well. The best way to learn a language is practicing it, you can’t speak in present tense all the time, you want to talk about your future plans or what you did yesterday. So the fastest way to speak is learning Past, Present, and Future at the same time. Don’t go crazy and learn Past Perfect or Conditionals, keep it simple. In the beginning Present, Past and Future Simple is OK.

You would like to start with these verbs because they are the most used verbs in Spanish:



Video for all tenses


How to Practice Spanish Verb Conjugations

Basics of Spanish – Conjugate a Verb

Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Spanish Tenses: Present Indicative


Spanish Past Tense



Spanish Lesson – Future

Check every verb’s conjugation on these sites:

Spanish Dict

Lingua Sorb


Make Small Conversations

-Describe what you do (learn hobbies);

Hobbies in Spanish

-Describe yourself (learn body parts and adjectives);

How to describe yourself physically in Spanish!

Tell me how you look in Spanish

-Talk about your pets (learn animals and description);

-Talk about your future plans (practicing future);

Speak in the Future Without More Conjugation

-Tell funny stories that happened to you in the past (practicing past)

Spanish Past Tense

Ser and Estar Past Tense

Continue with your interests, talk about everything you like.

Learn Spanish Prepositions and Articles

It’s not enough to know some words in Spanish, in order to talk you also need to know some articles and prepositions to connect those words.

Prepositions & Adverbs in Spanish

Definite & Indefinite Articles in Spanish

Gender rules and definite articles in Spanish

Articles in Spanish
Articles in Spanish
Connect with a Native Speaker

Ok, now you’ve learned enough vocabulary to express yourself, it’s better if you practice Spanish from the first day but not everyone can do that. Most people are afraid to talk from the first day because they think they don’t know enough words. That’s why I recommended you to make up sentences. So now it’s time for practicing with a native speaker, find one in your city using Facebook groups or use the following sites:


My Language Exchange




Easy Language Exchange




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