How To Learn Languages By Yourself

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How to learn languages by yourself? Hmm… It sounds tricky. Tip number one- stay motivated. You need to know why you want to learn that language. For traveling? For making friends? Maybe for another reason? But it should be strong enough to motivate you because you could wind up quitting before you even started. Check out my blog post on motivation.

Learn systematically

If you want to get results from your learning process, you need to make it part of your routine. It can be even 5 minutes a day, but you need to dedicate those 5 minutes to learn the language. If you don’t practice every day, you will forget the material that you have learned and you will be stuck on the same level for a long period of time.


Talk from the first day

Don’t make excuses like “I don’t know enough words” or “I’m a beginner and I can’t talk”. If you hear a new word- try to make up sentences, implement everything that you have learned that day.  Tip: Talk about yourself, that way you will remember faster. How can you do that if you are learning by yourself? You can use our AI chat to practice your target language. Check it out here!

Practice Any Language Online

Listen and watch

Listen to audiobooks, songs, podcasts, news, or anything that interests you. I learned Russian watching TV, I didn’t have any subtitles or anything else. That way you will hear the melody of the language and the correct pronunciation.  It is very important to learn the right pronunciation from the beginning because later it will be harder to correct it.

Watch videos on YouTube, TV Shows, or cartoons with subtitles in the language you are learning. If you’re studying English watch a TV show in English with English subtitles, not your native language.

Here is a website with a lot of TV shows and movies for those who want to improve their listening and speaking skills.




Talk to a native speaker

Nowadays it’s so easy to connect with people around the world. You can help someone learn your native language and you will learn their mother tongue.

You can use these websites:

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Talk to yourself

If you are in the car or waiting in a line somewhere and you can’t talk with someone else – talk to yourself, tell yourself how your day was in a different language. It will help you remember the material that you’ve learned and get used to talking about different topics.

Expert advice

Make mistakes

It’s totally fine to make mistakes, even native speakers make them, but you need someone to correct them, otherwise, you will learn things incorrectly.

Use HiNative, you can find a native speaker who can correct your mistakes for free. You can also get instant feedback on your language mistakes by typing your sentences here:

Fix My Grammar Mistakes


Read in a foreign language! It will help you improve your vocabulary, understand the language structure and speak freely.

You can use Lingq or read books for children on Kindle.

I hope my tips helped you, so let’s get to work!

How To Learn Languages By Yourself
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