25 Best Websites For Learning English

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We all know how important English is nowadays, it’s the international language, and everyone needs to know it. Maybe you want to study abroad, attend a conference or just travel. English isn’t my mother tongue but knowing it opened new doors for me. It’s crucial to know a foreign language, especially English. Test your English here, find out how good you are at English idioms. I won’t write too much because I know you are here for these incredibly useful links.

Are these English learning websites effective?

Yes, the 25 best websites for learning English are highly effective. They offer diverse methods like interactive lessons (Duolingo, Babbel), language exchange (Lang-8, My Language Exchange), video-based learning (Fluentu, YouTube channels), and grammar tools (Grammarly, Free Online Grammar Checker). These resources cater to different learning styles and needs, making English accessible to non-native speakers. Utilize these sites to enhance your English proficiency, whether for study, travel, or professional purposes.

So let me share with you my English learning resources:

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I use well know websites like:


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I love this website because you learn via videos, that is the most interesting way in my opinion.


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On this website you can write your sentences and a native speaker will correct them.

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Best English learning websites:

logo erasmus plus

Fix My Grammar Mistakes

YouTube is a great platform for learning English


Check other bloggers too, they travel the world and learn new languages

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So let’s get to work!

What are the benefits of using websites like Duolingo and Babbel for learning English?

Websites like Duolingo and Babbel are beneficial for learning English as they offer interactive lessons that are engaging and tailored to different proficiency levels. They help in building vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills through a structured, user-friendly format.

How does FluentU enhance English learning?

FluentU enhances English learning by providing lessons through videos. This method is engaging and helps learners understand the language in real-world contexts, improving listening skills and comprehension.

Are YouTube channels effective for learning English, and can you recommend any?

YouTube channels are highly effective for learning English as they provide visual and auditory learning experiences. Recommended channels include JenniferESL, Rachel’s English, and Learn English with Let’s Talk, which offer lessons on various aspects of the language, from vocabulary to pronunciation.

Can Grammarly help in learning English, and if so, how?

Yes, Grammarly can help in learning English by checking grammar mistakes in written text. It offers suggestions and explanations for corrections, aiding in understanding and improving grammar and writing skills over time.

What is unique about Lang-8 for English learners?

Lang-8 is unique because it allows learners to write sentences in English, which are then corrected by native speakers. This direct feedback is invaluable for improving writing skills and understanding the nuances of the language. You can also do that immediately online on https://fluencyspot.com/grammar/

25 Best Websites For Learning English

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