How to Learn Spanish for free. Even More Tips

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How to Learn Spanish for free. More tips

A lot of people want to learn Spanish, it’s a pretty modern language and it’s captivating as well. Learning Spanish isn’t a quick process, it takes a lot of time and dedication.  If you just want to learn a few words, then this article isn’t for you.

Learning Spanish can be an exciting and fulfilling journey! To start, find a comfortable spot, grab your textbook, app, or a video, and dive in. Remember, while there’s no magic shortcut to fluency, the process is definitely achievable with dedication. It might not happen overnight, but with consistent effort, you’ll see amazing progress.

I’ve explored a lot about “How to learn Spanish,” seeking insights and strategies. After delving into numerous articles and videos, I’ve discovered three key factors for success:

  • Immerse yourself in the language
  • Stay motivated, and, most importantly
  • Enjoy the learning process.

Embracing these elements can make your journey in learning Spanish both effective and enjoyable!

Be fond of Spanish

Would you learn Norwegian if you don’t know anything about it and you don’t even have friends who speak it? I think not. If you are not interested in Spanish or the culture, you won’t learn it. You really need to love the language in order to learn it.  Maybe you are not so obsessed with Spanish, but you still want to learn it so, you should immerse yourself in the language, that will definitely help. Surround yourself with Spanish, and you’ll start noticing you are more and more interested in it.

How to Learn Spanish for free. More tips


Being obsessed by the language still, doesn’t mean you are motivated to learn it. A great example is Japanese and anime. A lot of people watch and love anime and Japanese culture, but it doesn’t motivate them enough to learn Japanese. There isn’t a unique formula for motivation. You need to try different methods and figure out which one works for you. For example, I love watching videos about polyglots and learning about how to learn a new language. When I hear someone speaking in Spanish or about Spanish, I instantly want to get better at it. I touched on this topic before, check out How to motivate yourself to learn a new language.

As mentioned in the video, just start doing it and you’ll be hooked by the process of learning Spanish, and you will be motivated to do it again and again.

Get inspired and motivated to learn Spanish or any other language by other polyglots. Check out Shivdev Dogra and John Boudewijn interviews.

Enjoy it

You’ll quit pretty fast if you learn Spanish in a boring way. Don’t do that to yourself.  If you prefer going out and socializing but not reading boring grammar books, then do it. There’re tons of ways to learn a new language. So find a Spanish community and hang out there or speak with a native online, it’s your call.

Or maybe you like games, change the game language to Spanish and also learn basic things with Digital Dialects. Or just search Spanish Games on Google and pick up the games that you like. But that isn’t enough. You also need to learn conjugation a little bit of grammar, sentence structure, etc. Don’t get discouraged; you still can find the best method that suits you.

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Here are some more tips on how to learn Spanish

  1. Just do it

So you already have everything you need, just pick one method and get started. Check 7 tips for learning Spanish and the Step-by-step Plan and start working on it. No one can learn Spanish for you, so just do it.

  1. Don’t start with grammar

You can learn grammar by listening to native speakers talking. Even if you know grammar rules you can make mistakes when you talk. For example, the signal words for Present Simple are always, every, never, normally, often, etc. So when you speak in English do you have time to think ”Oh, I want to say I always go to this store, so I need to use Present Simple”? No, you just do it because it sounds natural to you. You don’t have so much time to think when you speak so even if you know the rule you might not build the sentences correctly. Listen to native speakers more and you’ll learn the right order of words and grammar.

  1. Be consistent

Don’t expect to have great results learning Spanish for just an hour a week. It will take you forever to learn it. It applies not just to Spanish but to everything in your life. If you want to achieve/get something works on it every day. It might be Spanish, learning to play the guitar or becoming a better speaker, you name it. Even 5 minutes a day will make a difference. Nowadays everyone is busy, use an application during your break or listen to an audiobook on your way home. Don’t make excuses, be honest with yourself.

Speak Spanish in 30 Days

  1. Tell yourself about your day in Spanish

At the end of the day tell yourself what you did in Spanish or write it down in a diary. You’ll find out which words you don’t know, and you can make some flashcards or make up sentences with those words. That will improve your vocabulary. For better results ask a native speaker to correct it. You can use out Free Grammar AI tool that will correct your sentences for free, instantly!

  1. Just talk

Use the following websites for finding a buddy and start talking; this is what will improve your Spanish. You can also use our free AI chat to talk and practice Spanish everyday, anywhere in the world at any time. For free!

Practice Any Language Online

Or you can find someone who doesn’t know English, just Spanish and try to talk. You’ll be forced to express yourself in Spanish and you’ll be amazed how much Spanish you actually know.

Get to work now, don’t waste your time. Good luck!

How to Learn Spanish for free. Even More Tips
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