How to Learn Russian Grammar and New Words

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How to learn Russian grammar and new words - FluencySpot

Russian grammar can be extremely confusing, check out these tips for getting an idea of how to learn it. Russian as a first self-taught language is extremely difficult, complicated, and it’s not something you learn in a few weeks or even months.

If you dedicate yourself to the task and work on it a little bit every day, you can learn Russian efficiently and make a lot of progress. Below are some tips that will help you on your quest.

Define the purpose of studying Russian

At first, you need to understand the purpose for learning Russian. It is necessary for choosing an appropriate method and fitting material. For example, if you wish to travel to Russia as a tourist, you need the most widespread tourist phrases, like “Как пройти туда?” (How do I get there?) or “Сколько это стоит?” (How much does it cost?). If you are going to work in Russia, then you need to study professional lexicon. Maybe you wish to get acquainted with a Russian girl – it’s necessary to learn phrases like “Вы очень красивая” (You are very beautiful), “Я тебя люблю” (I love you) and so on. If you wish to expand the lexicon effectively, it is necessary to learn the first 1000 most widespread conversational wоrdѕ.

1,000 Most Common Russian Words

Sіmрlе rеаdіng

Reading is the most effective method to expand your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you remember. However, you need to follow this rule – to read only simple texts. For example, if 50% of words per page are not familiar to you, it means the effect from such reading will be very weak. To make your reading effective, you must be unfamiliar with a maximum of 5-6 words per page which you will remember during the reading. Such a method for simple reading is successfully used in RLLC Reading Lessons.

You can find simple texts for learning Russian grammar and new words on Lingq.

How to learn Russian grammar and new words

Learning words with someone else

It’s much easier to learn Russian words with another person who is also learning Russian. It’s possible to find such people at forums or on Skype. Also, virtual training programs are very useful. For example, classical games likeErudіtе” (Sсrаbblе)  or IntеrnеtPоlіglоt.

Videos with subtitles or karaoke

If you have already reached an intermediate level of Russian, you can watch Russian movies with Russian subtitles. You can watch the movie, press pause to understand and remember new words and phrases. It’s better to repeat the same scene several times to remember better.

Write down the words

One effective technique to learn Russian words is to keep a diary of new words. For example, you learn one word a day and write it down in a diary in the evening. Tomorrow, you learn one more word and write it down as well, thus having looked at the first word. So, every day you should review all of the words you’ve learned and get a better understanding of them.

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What is the hardest thing to learn in Russian, in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Learn Russian Grammar and New Words
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