9 Popular English Idioms And How They Came To Life

9 Popular English Idioms And How They Came To Life
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One of the most difficult aspects of learning a language isn’t figuring out how to conjugate a verb, but rather learning the figurative expressions and phrases unique to each dialect. That’s why learning idioms is a crucial part of language acquiring. In fact, many times these English idioms don’t directly translate, and are used in conversation and writing often. Have you ever stopped to think about how these expressions came to be, and where their literal translations derived from?

Invaluable created a neat visual that outlines some of the most used English idioms, their origins, and how they’re used in a modern context. From “resting on laurels” to “the pot calling the kettle black,” take a deeper dive into these figurative phrases to better help understand how to use them in spoken language.

Check out Invaluable for more interesting things beautifully visualized and don’t forget to save this infographic on Pinterest for later!

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