Learn Spanish for free on YouTube. Top 10 Spanish YouTuber Channels

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Learn Spanish for free on YouTube. Top 10 YouTubers - FluencySpot

We have compiled the best Spanish YouTube channels that you can use to instantly increase your Spanish vocabulary! You might be asking: why should I start with YouTube? Here are some good reasons:

  1. You might already have books or structured lessons in a classroom, but it’s always a good idea to diversify your language learning diet with multiple sources;
  2. Many of the videos provide a closeup look of lip and mouth movements of Spanish speakers;
  3. You can watch on your own time and pause and rewind whenever you need to;
  4. Say what you will, but the best Spanish learning content on YouTube is really good. The need to compete with the rest of YouTube has forced these teachers to elevate their game.

So here goes our best YouTube channels for learning Spanish:

The Spanish Dude

If you are a native English speaker learning Spanish, then you should check out The Spanish Dude. Jordan is a native English speaker himself, and he has a way of breaking down Spanish grammar into a way that is easy to understand for us gringos.

Butterfly Spanish Youtube Channel

This is by far my favorite YouTube channel for learning Spanish. The lessons are in-depth and Anna has a great way of explaining things. She also has a bright personality that makes it hard to not watch an entire lesson, even when they are long.


Paul’s well-created podcast-like videos help you learn using audio and visuals. It’s easy to get started with lessons separated into playlists, perfect for all ages and levels. Paul speaks very fluidly in Spanish and gets to practice every day in Mexico.

Learn Spanish for free on YouTube. Top 10 Spanish YouTuber Channels

María Español

Spanish vocabulary sessions with Maria provide you with such fantastic insight. She posts regularly, making her videos very easy to follow with simple step-by-step instructions and practice during the sessions. María also has a Verbling account to get in touch with her when you are looking for language exchange sessions.

A Tiempo Preescolar

From cartoons to songs, A Tiempo Preescolar has tons of videos that can help you make learning Spanish fun for little ones.

Español Automatico

Karo Martínez’s Español Automático is based on her own experience that learning a foreign language is not difficult. She speaks four languages fluently and she wants to help anyone who dreams about speaking Spanish to achieve it in a natural, fun, stress-free, and automatic way.


Holly is bilingual and what you would call a jack of all trades! She loves inspiring people to create and live life to the fullest. Superholly’s channel is full of DIYs, tutorials, storytimes. Every video is done in English and Spanish.

Speak Spanish in 30 Days

Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com

One of the really neat things about SpanishPod101 is that you are learning the language from a host of native speakers from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, including Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico. This helps you to learn about the way the language is spoken in different regions you may be traveling to or are interested in. The episodes are upbeat and enjoyable with the language spoken at normal speed. The dialogues are repeated several times and a wealth of supporting material is provided. SpanishPod101 has lessons for beginners all the way up to advanced Spanish speakers.

Dustin Luke

Dustin Luke is an American that fell in love with Argentina and learned the Rioplatense Spanish pretty well (actually he almost speaks like a native speaker). In his videos, he shows different parts of Argentina and shows you the culture and habits of Argentine people.

AND finally,

Qroo Paul’s Spanish Youtube Channel

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Learn Spanish for free on YouTube. Top 10 Spanish YouTuber Channels
  • Oh thank you so much for sharing this! This is absolutely amazing! My mother in law only speaks Spanish and although I know a little we always have an issue understand each other! This will be perfect for me to practice!

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