Refund Policy:

At FluencySpot.com, we offer a range of digital resources and products. Understanding the nature of digital goods, it’s important to recognize that these items, like PDFs, Word Documents, and other files, can’t be returned once downloaded or accessed. Therefore, products and resources sold by third-party sellers on FluencySpot.com are inherently non-refundable. However, we do offer a special 30-day money-back guarantee on select FluencySpot products as a commitment to our customer satisfaction.

While we maintain a firm policy on the non-refundability of third-party sales, we recognize that certain situations may warrant a closer look. Below are specific circumstances under which refunds might be considered for eligible FluencySpot products:

    • Never Accessed. If you’ve never downloaded or accessed the resource, you may qualify for a refund.

    • Compromised Resource File. If the resource file is damaged or missing content. For example, if a preview is uploaded instead of the full resource.

    • Misrepresentation. If a resource preview or description inaccurately represents the actual content. This is subject to our review. For example, if a product is described as having multiple choice questions but only contains true/false questions.

    • Technical Limitations. If you’re unable to access a resource due to missing technical requirements in the description. For example, if a resource is in a specific file format not mentioned on the product page.

    • Duplicate Purchase. If you’ve accidentally purchased the same FluencySpot product twice within a year.

To request a refund under these specific circumstances, please submit your request within 30 days of purchase. Include the resource name, your concerns, and any relevant examples.

Remember, a 30-day money-back guarantee applies only to select FluencySpot products offering. All other digital goods sold on FluencySpot.com, particularly those by third-party sellers, are final and non-refundable.

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