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7-Day Language Challenge

7 Day Language Challenge

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Beginner to Fluent step-by-step guide

Maybe you already know some words in your target language, but you can’t say anything, this beginner to fluent step by step guide is right for you. It is an 18-page guide that will teach you how to get from the beginner stage to the fluency and proficiency level.

Spanish Step-by-Step

Get the Spanish Step-By-Step Guide and start speaking Spanish in just 7 days!

In just one week you will be able to have small conversations; talk about yourself, ask for the directions and time, and the most important thing- conjugate the Spanish verbs. You will do all these in simple present, past and future, and this is enough to get you started. You are going to get over the language barrier when you think it’s too early to speak because you don’t know enough words or you don’t know how to say it. (Did you know it’s enough to know only 300 words in order to start a conversation?)

Speak Spanish in 7 Days course


Language Planner

Learn how correctly to set your language goals and actually achieve them.

It’s always better when you have a plan, get this 3-month planner and learn smarter not harder!

Coming soon!

Language Coaching

Step up your language game! Get a language coach and learn your target language three times faster.

You will learn how to

  • Memorize words faster
  • Stay focused and get things done
  • Learn grammar and new things faster
  • Memorize entire sentences
  • Set right goals and achieve them


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