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Best Language Resources

Can’t find a great app to learn foreign languages? Download this guide with the top 15 language websites that will help you acquire a new language faster. As a bonus, you get specific resources for Spanish, German, French and more.

English Resources

Download the best English websites and improve your speaking skills. More than 100 resources ready for you to use. The best part – they are completely free. I put together the best apps, podcasts, courses, groups, and YouTube channels.

Spanish Resources

Do you want to get the best FREE Spanish resources? Download this guide with more than 120 awesome websites that will accelerate your learning process. Great, useful, and highly effective Spanish resources you don’t want to miss out on.

Best Language Tools From FluencySpot

Beginner to Intermediate

Beginner to Intermediate Roadmap is the step-by-step guide I created for Spanish, German and Russian languages. Learn how to speak in 30 days following these exact steps. Simple and easy exercises that will bring you closer to fluency and proficiency.

Spanish Fluency Workbook

Start speaking Spanish in just 30 days. Download this workbook to learn conversational Spanish. Simple and useful grammar exercises that will teach you to form simple yet useful Spanish sentences. The Beginner to Intermediate Spanish workbook you will love.

Language Planner

Language Planner

Keep track of your language goals with this language planner. Learn faster and make your dreams come true with my uniquely designed planner. Useful and inspirational content will keep you motivated. Download the digital version or get the hard copy here.

Fluency Workbook

Advanced English

Unlock the true potential of the English language with us! Dive deep into our meticulously crafted course, tailored for the eager intermediate learner, and emerge confidently at an advanced level. Explore nuances, dive into idioms, and master the art of eloquent expression.