Russian course for beginners. A1- Lesson 2

Russian course for beginners A1. Lesson 2

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Now we are working on a Russian course for beginners for Anki. It is an app for flashcards which helps you memorize new words, sentences, texts, and so on. Check our previous courses for more details. So far, we have flashcards for the Russian Alphabet, Russian pronunciation and a Russian course for beginners.

In the first lesson of the Russian course for beginners we have covered the basic sentences, Russian conjugation, and pronouns. In the second lesson of this Russian course we are going to learn more complex sentences, take a look here.

Russian course for beginners. A1- Lesson 2

Free Russian Course for Beginners Lesson 2
Free Russian Course for Beginners Lesson 2

There are two types of decks for the Russian course for beginners: the free one that consists of 666 flashcards and the premium with 3331 flashcards.

The second lesson of this course consists of 506 sentences, 14 dialogues, 125 words, 107 words-forms, 112 syllables and 72 phonetic items. For more details you can click here.


[v]ль, б[v]м, р[v]ж, ф[v]р, м[v]р, б[v]д, д[v]к, т[v]р, л[v]т, м[v]к, т[v]й, в[v]с, т[v]т, т[v]м, т[v]ль, в[v]м, вс[v], гд[v], зв[v], н[v]ть, ск[v], з[v]ть, д[v]ть, м[v]ть, мн[v], н[v]с, н[v]м.

[v] stands for vowel, each syllable included with all vowels substituting [v] position what constitutes 10 instances of each model above.


Nominative pronouns: Я, Мы, Ты, Вы, Он, Она, Оно, Они;

Accusative pronouns:  Меня, Нас, Тебя, Вас, Его, Её, Его, Их;

Dative pronouns: Мне, Нам, Тебе, Вам, Ему, Ей, Ему, Им;

Instrumental pronouns: Мной, Нами, Тобой, Вами, Ним, Ней, Ним, Ними;

Possessive pronouns: мой, моя, моё, твой, твоя, твоё, наш, наша, наше, ваш, ваша, ваше, его, её, их;

Nominative nouns: альбом, гараж, кофе, виза, фермер, обед, доктор, билет, химик, китай, лампа, дом, вода, луна, комната, кот, молоко;

Dative nouns: фермеру, доктору, химику, коту;

Accusative nouns: альбом, гараж, кофе, визу, фермера, обед, доктора, билет, химика, китай, правду, кота, луну, комнату;

Instrumental nouns: фермером, котом, химиком, доктором;

Genitive nouns: фермера, кота, химика, доктора;

Adverbs: тут, там, только, всегда;

Verbs: звонить, знать, сказать, видеть, понимать, быть, говорить, отдыхать, делать, давать, показать, нравиться (9 forms for each verb included).

Type of flashcards you are going to get

The images below show you the types of flashcards you are going to get. Check out this post and find out how our Anki decks are built.

Free 666 flashcards

  • Introduction cards

Introduction cardsPremium 3331 flashcards

In addition to Introduction cards, there are Listening and Reading cards.

  • Listening cards

Listening cards

  • Reading and Translating

Reading and translating cards

Get the second lesson of this Russian course for free which has 666 flashcards. We also have the premium version that contains 3331 flashcards that you can get only for $3.


Our Russian course for beginners will help you master the Russian conjugation and will help you build grammatically correct sentences. Don’t hesitate to try the free version and come back for the premium one.
Happy Russian Learning!



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