Russian with Lenin. Deck I


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Learn Russian with Lenin, it’s an Anki deck for learning the very basics of Russian.

What’s Anki?

Anki is a program that helps you memorize words, laws, poems and basically anything you want. We are going to learn the Russian alphabet and pronunciation with this amazing program. Anki in Japanese means memorization. It’s free and easy to use. You can download Anki for Windows, Mac or phone.

In this first deck, Russian with Lenin I, you are going to listen, read and repeat many similar simple sentences, constructed with few different words only. The main purpose is to reach pronunciation fluency and flexibility by combining sentence elements in different consequences allowed by Russian syntax.

Deck size:

The premium deck consists of 1327 cards.
This is the first deck of Russian with Lenin series, which is based on the biography of one of the most controversial persons in Russian history.

Curriculum composition:

Wikipedia articles:

– Ленин, Владимир Ильич (Lenin Vladimir Ilyich)
– Семья Ульяновых (Ulyanov Family)


– Раскол (TV Series about Lenin’s party – Bolsheviks emergence)
Lenin works:
– О чем думают наши министры (What our ministers think about)

Deck composition:

Words: Здравствуйте, Товарищ, Меня, Зовут, Владимир, Ильич, Ленин, Лев, Троцкий, Очень, Приятно (11 words, including 5 names);
Sentences: 8 models, 194 different sentences;
Consonant clusters: ЗДР, СТВ, ВЛ;
Syllables: ЛЬ + iotated vowel;
Vowel reduction: О before stressed syllable, А after a stressed syllable;
Dialogues: 5 (1 basic, 4 derivatives);
Drills: 2;
Real facts: 2.

Card type:

– Listening cards (Learner hears item and is asked to identify it, then he sees correct answer and is asked to repeat);
– Reading cards (Learner sees item and is asked to read it out loud, then he hears correct answer and is asked to repeat);
– Translating (Leaner is to translate item from working to target language and vice versa).

Level: Absolute beginner.
Skills: Reading, pronunciation, translating, introducing oneself.
Real facts: Lenin image, Trotsky image.


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    189899 810117Yay google is my king helped me to locate this excellent internet web site ! . 897606

    • MizukiTao

      That’s amazing. We are are going to post more Anki decks for Russian, so come back for more 🙂

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