Russian course for beginners. A1- Lesson 1


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This is the first lesson from the series Russian course for beginners, in lesson one you are going to practice over 350 sentences and master the Russian conjugation. If you are not familiar with the Russian alphabet we highly encourege you to check out our deck. And if you want to get better at Russian pronunciation then Russian with Lenin is perfect for you.

We use Anki for displaing and using our flashcards. It is a program that helps you memorize words, laws, poems and basically anything you want. We use it for this Russian course for beginners. It’s free and easy to use. You can download Anki for Windows, Mac or phone.

Deck size:

2751 flashcards that cosist of:

Sentences: 381;

Dialogues: 12;

Syllables: 270;

Words: 29;

Words-forms: 107.

Deck structure:


[v]ль, б[v]м, р[v]ж, ф[v]р, м[v]р, б[v]д, д[v]к, т[v]р, л[v]т, м[v]к, т[v]й, в[v]с, т[v]т, т[v]м, т[v]ль, в[v]м, вс[v], гд[v], зв[v], н[v]ть, ск[v], з[v]ть, д[v]ть, м[v]ть, мн[v], н[v]с, н[v]м

[v] stands for vowel, each syllable included with all vowels substituting [v] position what constitutes 10 instances of each model above.


Nominative pronouns: Я, Мы, Ты, Вы, Он, Она, Оно, Они.

Accusative pronouns:  Меня, Нас, Тебя, Вас, Его, Её, Его, Их.

Dative pronouns: Мне, Нам, Тебе, Вам, Ему, Ей, Ему, Им.

Nominative nouns: альбом, гараж, кофе, виза, фермер, обед, доктор, билет, химик, китай.

Dative nouns: фермеру, доктору, химику.

Accusative nouns: альбом, гараж, кофе, визу, фермера, обед, доктора, билет, химика, китай,  правду.

Adverbs: тут, там, только, всегда.

Verbs: звонить, знать, сказать, видеть, понимать, быть (9 forms for each verb included).

381 sentences:

Take a look at the sentences you are going to learn by clicking here.

Type of flashcards you are going to get
  • Introduction cards

Introduction cards

  • Listening cards

Listening cards

  • Reading and Translating

Reading and translating cards

Make your first step to fluency by tacking this Russian course for beginners. Lesson 1

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