Russian with Anki

Learn Russian with Anki using our method, we utilize sentences as a core component of our decks. We suppose that to learn a language the student should go through listening, understanding, and producing plenty of correct sentences, for the brain to gather statistical information about words meaning in different context, about their pronunciation and how they are stringing together.

What is Anki

Anki is an application that manages flashcards, we use it because we believe spaced repetition is one of the best ways to learn something. Anki will help you to repeat each sentence many times with gradually increasing intervals, thus you step-by-step will be building up your confidence in using the Russian language. Anki can be installed on your phone, that allows you to learn everywhere and anytime.

Decks structure

For example, we have a small unit with a couple of dialogues or small piece of text as its basis. It contains a particular number of words, sentence models, and grammar rules. We take all sentence models and create multiple instances of them by substituting all possible words from the unit vocabulary. As a result, we obtain something like this.

Я вижу врача.

Врач видит меня.

Мы любим фермера.

Фермер любит врача.

Врачи любят нас.

We pack all these sentences into flashcards, creating few kinds of them, which aimed to develop different language skills like reading, understanding, listening and translating.

Also, an important part of learning Russian is using it, how are you going to use it if not through dialogues and texts. Of course, we included them in our decks, allowing you to generalize what you have learned.

How can you learn Russian with Anki for free

Russian AlphabetRussian course for beginnersRussian with Lenin






Take a look at the item list of Russian alphabet, Russian course for beginners A1- Lesson 1 and Russian with Lenin I. The Russian course A1 has two types of decks: syllables and sentences, take a look at the flashcards you are going to get.

Those of you who are serious and interested in learning Russian with Anki we created premium decks that will help you learn Russian faster.









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