Learn Russian with Lenin 2. Free Anki flashcards

Learn Russian with Lenin II. Free Anki flashcards

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It’s time for some free Anki flashcards to get right into your inbox! Learn Russian with Lenin is an Anki based course for learning Russian pronunciation and basics. This is the second deck, if you missed the first one, check it out here. This course is for absolute beginners.

A quick reminder of what Anki is. It’s a program with flashcards that help you memorize words and more. We are going to practice Russian pronunciation with this fantastic program. It’s free and easy to use. Feel free to download Anki for Windows, Mac or mobile phone.

You are going to get 1115 free Anki flashcards for learning the Russian basics with audio made by natives. This is the second deck of the Russian with Lenin series, which is based on the biography of one of the most controversial people in Russian history.


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Learn Russian with Lenin II was based on the following materials:

Wikipedia articles:

  • Ленин, ВладимирИльич (Lenin Vladimir Ilyich);
  • Семья Ульяновых (Ulyanov Family).


  • Раскол (TV Series about Lenin’s party – Bolsheviks emergence).

And Lenin’s article:

  • О чем думают наши министры (What our ministers think about).

The deck consists of  20 words, 186 sentences, and 15 dialogs.

You are going to learn the following words: Лев, где, вы, родились, я, родился, в, Яновка, где, это, небольшое, село, Херсонской, губернии, а, Владимир, Симбирск, Троцкий, Ленин, Ильич.

With just 20 words you can make 186 sentences divided among 23 models. Isn’t that insane?

By the way, did you know that you need around 300 words to be able to carry a simple conversation?

Also, you are going to drill 15 dialogues (6 basics and 9 derivatives).

The consonant clusters that you are going to learn are ГД, НСК, and РСК.

Learn the Russian pronunciation
Learn the Russian pronunciation
There are a few types of  free Anki flashcards in this deck:

– Introduction flashcards. You are going to see and hear an item, then you’ll repeat after the native.

Dialogue flashcards:

  • Introduction;
  • Listening and repeating;
  • Participates (the learner reads a text of one of the interlocutors).


– Listening flashcards. You are going to hear an item and you’ll be asked to identify it. Then you are going to see the correct answer and repeat it again.

– Reading flashcards. You are going to see an item and you’ll read it out loud, then you’ll hear the correct answer and repeat it again.

– Translating. You are going to translate theitems working with the target language and vice versa.


As I mentioned before this Russian Anki course is for absolute beginners who want to sound like natives, don’t hesitate to get those free flashcards.

You are going to improve your reading, pronunciation, and translating skills. Also, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself and others.


In this deck, you are intended to listen, read and repeat many similar simple sentences, constructed with only a few different words only. The primary purpose is to reach pronunciation fluency and flexibility by combining sentence elements in various consequences allowed by Russian syntax.


Get 1115 free Anki flashcards here:

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